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320406_513600388669153_886159326_n (1)Christopher “Bully the Kid” Bennett
Talk Radio Host / Writer / Actor / Emcee / Show Host

The voice of the American Bully Movement is Christopher “Bully the Kid” Bennett. As the premier talk radio host on Bully World Radio, he has achieved more than 1 million radio listens in a year! Interviewing some of the top stars in the dog, entertainment, and sports world on his show “The Bully Booth”, he has helped bring the American Bully to the mainstream public, in a way never before seen. Having achieved great success on internet radio, BTK has also branched out and become a senior writer for Atomic Dogg Magazine, and the premier MC for the largest American Bully shows being put on around the country, with 1000s of American Bully and American Pit Bull Terrier fanatics!

Growing up as a military brat, BTK has prided himself on his ability to communicate with a diverse group of individuals and focus on their similarities rather than their differences in order to accomplish goals that seemed impossible. Having loved dogs since he was knee high to a Beagle, Bully the Kid found his way working as an Animal Cruelty Inspector for the state of Georgia and worked on some of the largest cruelty cases in GA. In his spare time BTK also found time to show some of the finest American Pit Bull Terriers in the country and from there to the show ring of the ABKC and the American Bully. Now as one of the success stories of the Bully community, he takes time to speak to inner city youths about responsible dog ownership and career opportunities in dogs that do not require breeding or illegal activities.

Funny, personable, energetic, and charismatic, BTK is always looking to bring excitement and education to the American Bully community and the world! BTK has appeared in numerous magazines, newspapers, television shows and most recently has been featured in his own pilot television program “Bully and Sugar: Southern Justice” on Animal Planet.